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APA supports the call against the inclusion of audiovisual services in the scope of the EU Geoblocking Regulation

APA, together with more than 700 organizations from the cinematographic and audiovisual sector in Europe, invites the European Parliament to vote for culture on 13 December 2023, rejecting the request to include audiovisual services in the scope of application of the EU Regulation on Geoblocking.

European Parliament will vote in plenary session on the report on the implementation of the 2019 Geoblocking Regulation adopted on 25 October by the Internal Market Commission (IMCO).

APA and many of its members, directly and through CEPI and the AV Coalition, together with the entire European audiovisual industry, have co-signed a joint declaration with the aim of representing the consequences of possible support for the report and therefore asking MEPs to oppose the inclusion of media services in the regulation by rejecting this report during the vote in plenary or by requesting that it be amended to contain the most worrying aspects.

The principle of territoriality is central to the audiovisual sector. Questioning or eliminating it would have profound consequences, including: increased production costs, reduced compensation for all industry professionals, and a potential negative impact on the diversity of content creation.