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Alexandra Cinematografica

Francesco Alessandro de Blasi

Via della Balduina, 96
Roma, 00136

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Phone: +39 0683396746
Fax: +39 0632609943

Alexandra Cinematografica has a library of films dating back to ‘50s until today. In sixty years of experience, Alexandra has had the pleasure of working with leading figures in the world of cinematography, many of which have earned prestigious recognition during the course of their career, such as the American Oscars and the important European awards in Cannes, Berlin and Venice.
Its mission, now as then, is to cultivate talent and promote auteur films.
From 2003 Alexandra produces a lot of contents for Automotive industries.
From 2005, the company is specialized in television productions (Fiction, Entertainment format, Call games, Participation TV, news).
Alexandra company has a very good position in the Italian market also with web contents and software productions (apps, websites, prize contests).