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Gloria Giorgianni
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Anele Srl is a production compay, establlished by Gloria Giorgianni in August 2013, creating audiovisual content for multimedia, television and cinema.
Anele has a multi-level editorial approach, offering various types of product which all have in common a contemporary style, a willingness to experiment formats and create products for new viewing methods and a storytelling language that reflects contemporary viewers.
This editorial choice was first adopted with the docu-film about Andrea Camilleri The Idiosyncratic Maestro (RAI Uno, prime time, 2014) and the documentary Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli ( RAI Uno, in collaboration woth Sky Classica) and continues today with new stories about Italy and her most representative citizens. Other examples include the recent series In the Name of the Italian People, which comprises four docu-film about significant individuals from contemporary Italian history (Marco Biagi, Natale De Grazia, Piersanti Mattarella, Vittorio Occorsio) which was produced with Rai Cinema and Rai Com, aired on Rai Uno and Pertini The Fighter President, released theatrically in 2018, produced with Sky Cinema and Altre Storie, in collaboration with Rai Cinema, based on the book Il Combattente – Come si diventa Pertini by Giancarlo De Cataldo (Rizzoli).
Anele’s drama production follows the same editorial approach. Anele followed the international success of the webseries Under the series (produced with Rizzoli and Trilud, 2014), with Camilleri’s Women, a TV series of 10×10 minute episodes, based on the collectionof short stories by Andrea Camilleri (published by Rizzoli). The series, produced with Rai Fiction, aired on RAI Uno in prime time to excellent critical and popular response (20% share).
Warmly received by critics and viewers aike, Niccolò Agliardi’s new programme “This is your song”, (Rai Uno), transforms the extraordinary story of ordinary people into songs while the docu-film series “Visionary Women” (Rai Tre) celebrated Italy’s female trailblazers.
Anele is presently developing a drama series for Mediaset based on Alessandra Monasta’s book “Cacciatrice di Bugie” (Huntress of Lies) and new projects for Rai which include the multi-platform “The Passanger”, for broadcast on Rai Due.