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Ciao Ragazzi

Claudia Mori
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Via della Moscova, 10
20121, Milano

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The Ciao Ragazzi Srl was founded in 1999 by the will and commitment of Claudia Mori, the founder, of wanting to produce television and film projects based on stories of cultural, popular and high quality. His editorial and implementation line confirms this. The Ciao Ragazzi has used, among other things, screenwriters and important directors, such as Liliana Cavani with whom Rai Uno was made , the highly successful miniseries, “De Gasperi, l’uomo della speranza”, “Einstein”, of a special award during the London International Science Festival .
We also remember the great success of “Rino Gaetano, ma il cielo è sempre più blu”, directed by Marco Turco.Interpreters, among other young and talented young actors: Claudio Santamaria, Laura Chiatti, Kasia Smutniak.
In February 2010 , “C’era una volta la città dei matti”,focused on the story of Franco Basaglia, the man who revolutionized the Italian psychiatry, played by Vittoria Puccini and Fabrizio Gifuni.
In the spring of 2011 RAIUno ,”Mai per Amore” directed by Liliana Cavani, Marco Pontecorvo and Margarethe Von Trotta.