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Cross Productions

Rosario Rinaldo

Via Valadier, 42
00193 Roma

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Phone: +39 06 87725200
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Imagine and create high quality content for a global audience

Cross Productions is one of Italy’s leading independent production companies, founded in July 2013 by Rosario Rinaldo and joined by Beta Film Gmbh.

It develops and produces high quality crossmedia and transmedia content.

It collaborates with leading Italian and international broadcasters and, thanks to its research and experimentation, succeeds in attracting the attention of emerging companies.

Cross Productions has produced more than 200 hours of fiction, including the acclaimed series Rocco Schiavone, sold to over 75 countries; The Hunter, winner of the best performance at the Canneseries 2018; SKAM Italia, a series based upon the popular Norwegian format that, because of its high quality, is amongst the most popular versions.