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Fabula Pictures

Marco De Angelis
CEO & Head of Production

Via Flaminia, 999
00189, Roma

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Phone: +39 06 33 48 251
Fax: +39 06 33 48 2588

Fabula Pictures is a young Rome-based TV and film production company mainly specialized in the creation of feature films and scripted drama for television.

Founded by producers Nicola and Marco De Angelis, both with an extensive expertise in filmmaking, Fabula Pictures has recently joined forces with Pascal Breton’s Federation Entertainment.

The company’s latest project Baby – the second series ever commissioned by Netflix in Italy – has proven to be such a success that a second season is currently in production.

The high quality of our films and TV series appeal equally to both domestic and international markets. 

From concept development to final delivery, Fabula Pictures’ aim is to deliver top quality stories that entertain and inspire different audiences.