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Lotus Production

Viale G. Mazzini, 55
00195 - Roma

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Phone: +39 06 97611650
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Marco Belardi, born in 1973, is the CEO & Founder of Lotus Production, a film and television production company founded in 2004 and acquired by Leone Film Group in 2014 for the production division of Italian films and tv series.
Among the most successful films produced by M. Belardi we can highlight:

  • “Immaturi” by P. Genovese
  • “Immaturi Il Viaggio” by P. Genovese
  • “Tutta Colpa di Freud” by P. Genovese
  • “Perfetti Sconosciuti” by P. Genovese
  • “The Place” by P. Genovese
  • “Italiano Medio” by Maccio Capadonda
  • “Il Professor Cenerentolo” by L. Pieraccioni
  • “La Pazza Gioia” by P. Virzì
  • “A casa tutti bene” by G. Muccino
    “Notti Magiche” by P. Virzì