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Massimiliano La Pegna

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00192 Roma

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Phone: +39 06-3221446 / 06-3220864

Moviheart, a multi-faceted media company, was established by Massimiliano La Pegna in 2010 with the intention of producing feature films and fiction for the international market. The company has been involved in financing, packaging and distribution of independently produced feature films and tv fiction. Moviheart provides also top-notch services in the areas of film making, TV fiction, commercials and international documentaries and offers services in advertising graphic design and development of sites on the web.


Fiction TV

Odysseus Il ritorno di Ulisse“, directed by Stephane Giusti starring Alessio Boni and Caterina Murino, a coproduction Moviheart,Rai Fiction,Arte France,Making Prod,TV5 Monde, 12 episodes

Luisa Spagnoli“, a coproduction Moviheart Rai Fiction, directed by Lodovico Gasparini starring Luisa Ranieri, miniseries

Enrico Piaggio“, Tv movies Rai Fiction Moviheart, directed by Umberto Marino starring Alessio Boni


Hinc sunt Leones“, directed by Ricci/ Forte, produced for Rai 3

Io lo so chi siete“, directed by Alessandro Colizzi and written by Silvia Cossu on the murder of Nino Agostino and the fight of the father Agostino to find the truth. Presented at the Taormina Film Fest 2020

Ilaria Capua“, documentary on her life for Sky.

Monini oil“, an industrial film to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the famous company known for his quality and reliability in the Italian food sector.

Advertising commercial

Uliveto ; Rocchetta ; Brio Blu , Uliveto Sport; Elisir di Rocchetta; Seeoo ; Discovery Channel; Telefono Rosa ecc…