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Pandataria Film

Salvatore Braca
Producer and Filmmaker

Via G. Dominici, 6
00165 Roma

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Phone: +39 0765 608112

Pandataria Film specializes in making documentaries and news reports regarding nature, anthropology, and sociology, mainly for RAI (the most important Italian Television network) and the international market. Pandataria Film projects are developed together with various organizations, both public and private, with the advantage of a fully computerized audiovisual archive (consisting of over 5000 digital and HD cassettes). These have been digitalized and scanned into a server network with complete mounting positions; the standard of production is exclusively broadcast in HD 2 K, 4 K and 3D cam. Pandataria Film has an archive of over 1000 hours of footage in Digital Betacam/IMX, and 500 hours in full HD. For post-production it has its own digital editing rooms, and studios for video graphics.