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Publispei has been leader l – for over 40 years – in the Italian television market, both in the field of light entertainment and power drama. With its ten seasons of “Un Medico in Famiglia,” the company trailblazed the production of long series in Italy. It then followed up with other hits such as “I Cesaroni”, “Tutti pazzi per amore” and “E’ Arrivata la Felicità”. Year after year, Publispei has changed and renewed Italian TV production with more than 850 hours of primetime stories for the main Italian broadcasters. The TV movie directed by thriller master Dario Argento (“Do you like Hitchcock?”) and the miniseries “Sissi” directed by Xaver Schwarzenberger, established the Publispei brand in the sphere of International co-production. Then, with the 2013 production of its first feature length documentary entitled “Massimo, il mio cinema secondo me” (Massimo, my Cinema according to Me) and with the 2016 co-production of the film “Questi Giorni” (These Days) directed by Giuseppe Piccioni and in competition at the Venice Film Festival, Publispei has opened up to vast new sectors of entertainment. Ever evolving, the company is developing new projects and formats, both for the international TV / Cinema markets and for the New Media. In line with this perspective, Publispei is open to collaboration with new partners for the co-production and co-development of series and films that can be enjoyable worldwide on different platforms.