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Taodue has established itself as leader in film production by launching the Checco Zalone phenomenon, producing his four pics and beating with the last three Italian box-office records (“Quo Vado?”, 2015: 68 million Euros and 10 million viewers; “Che Bella Giornata”, 2010: 43 million Euros and 7 million viewers; “Sole a Catinelle”, 2013: 52 million Euros and 8 million viewers). In 2015 it produced the first biopic on Pope Bergoglio “Call me Francesco” – directed by Daniele Luchetti – and coproduced director Claudio Caligari’s last movie “Non essere cattivo”. Taodue was founded in 1991 by Pietro Valsecchi and Camilla Nesbitt in order to bring to the screen thought-provoking, discussion stirring stories such as “Un eroe borghese” by Michele Placido or festival winners like “La condanna” by Marco Bellocchio (Silver Bear at Berlin 1991). After ten years of quality cinema Taodue turned to television: first with “Ultimo” and “Distretto di Polizia”, which have repeatedly beaten audience records; then with a string of mini-series and biopics that have both proven crowd-pleasers and foreign sales champions: “Uno bianca”, “Paolo Borsellino”, “Karol”, “Maria Montessori”, “Il capo dei capi” and “Squadra Antimafia”. Currently in phase of filming, the new Checco Zalone’s movie and the TV series “Made in Italy”, that tells Italian high fashion in the 1970’s.