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Blu Yazmine is the new independent production company founded by Ilaria Dallatana, Francesca Canetta and Carlo Bergamo. Born in mid-2020, Blu Yazmine already has several important productions under its belt, positioning itself in less than a year among the main television production companies in Italy.

Blu Yazmine is made up of a team of professionals who have been operating in the audiovisual sector for more than 30 years. Ilaria and Francesca after several years in the management of Mediaset, in 2001, together with Giorgio Gori founded the well-known production company Magnolia, which they managed for about 15 years making it the most important independent television production company in Italy.

After selling Magnolia to the international group Zodiak, the current Banijay, Ilaria and Francesca were also in command of Rai 2 respectively as Network Director and Deputy Director in 2016 and 2017.

In nine months Blu Yazmine has launched and produced different kinds of programs:

The Barracks, six prime-time episodes on Rai 2, in which 21 barely legal youngsters separate from family and social media to face a rigid course of military training. The reality show had a great success reaching the very young target. The second season is currently in production, again for Rai 2.

Blu Yazmine co-produced with Pesci Combattenti within the infotainment program Sette Storie conducted by Monica Maggioni every Monday in the late evening on Rai 1, a segment of interviews with illustrious protagonists of institutions and entertainment in the most beautiful Italian cities – taken from the format French “La Conversation Secrète”.

It produced the first Italian adaptation of the American Game of Games format brought to success by the well-known presenter Ellen DeGeneres and in Italy conducted by Simona Ventura for the prime time of Rai 2. It is French import Canzone Segreta, the new Friday entertainment show. Rai1 evening hosted by Serena Rossi who hosted the most famous celebrities from the world of entertainment. The musical variety reached an average of 4 million viewers per week. From entertainment to factual, Blu Yazmine has also made eight prime time episodes of Supernanny aired every Sunday on the Discovery group’s channel Nine, an adaptation of the same name of the historic British TV program.

In July, D’amore e D’accordo, the reboot of the comedy quiz aired in the 80s in Italy “Between wife and husband”, hosted by comedian Katia Follesa, started. Twenty episodes daily for the Real Time access prime time strip. In September, however, five special prime-time episodes were broadcast, starring couples of celebrities.

Two new programs are scheduled to be broadcast in autumn 2021. Cash or Trash – Who offers more ?, adaptation of the successful format that aired in Germany, France and England, dedicated to fans of incredible and curious antiques contested by a group of merchants in “an auction” . The 30 episodes are on air starting from October 2021 in the access prime time slot, on the Discovery Group’s channel Nove. The management is entrusted to the actor Paolo Conticini. The latest production by Blu Yazmine is Back to school, a game reality show born from an original idea developed in collaboration with Mediaset, in which a group of celebrities will try to pass the 5th grade exam again, thanks to the help of a teaching staff made up of elementary school children. The program is hosted by Nicola Savino and will be broadcast in prime time on Italia 1 in November 2021.